Conscious Shop

Sustainability at reggae-wear

We want to work as sustainably as possible in our small online shop and therefore strive to find sustainable solutions in all aspects of an online shop.

So that you can shop with a clear conscience and know that you are supporting a sustainable concept away from the fast fashion market.

Here you can find an overview of our efforts in different areas.

1. Products: sustainable & fair

The most important area! We pay attention to sustainability in our entire product range. Therefore, we place special emphasis on certified items and have focused on two of the strictest standards:

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): for sustainable production along the entire textile production chain.

Fair Wear Foundation: for fair working conditions in textile production.

In addition to these certificates, we also focus on sustainable solutions for the other aspects (printing and packaging). On each product page you will find a small box for "Consciousness" in which the aspects that apply to this product are listed.

And this is what the box looks like:


GOTS certified

The material is GOTS certified. This certificate defines environmental requirements for sustainable production along the entire textile production chain (from the extraction of textile raw fibres to the labelling of the end products), as well as social criteria.

Fair Wear Foundation certified

The material is Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) certified. This means that the manufacturer has undertaken to comply with the eight FWF labour standards: no exploitative child labour, payment of a living wage, safe and healthy working conditions, among others.

water-based inks

The shirt was printed with water-based inks, which have the advantage of lying pleasantly soft on the textile and also have a high abrasion resistance. At the same time, you protect the environment and your body, as the colours are free from heavy metals and other harmful substances.

No plastic packaging

We don't use plastic packaging so that we don't produce any more plastic waste. Nevertheless, your shirt will arrive at home well protected.

2. shipping: climate neutral

We ship with DHL and Deutsche Post. All shipping is climate neutral! You can recognise this by the fact that the GOGREEN label of Deutsche Post or DHL appears on the shipping label. 

Greenhouse gas emissions are produced when parcels are sent. With GOGREEN, these emissions are neutralised. The offsetting takes place via internationally recognised climate protection projects.

3. packaging: plastic-free & recyclable

We do not pack our goods in plastic bags, but they arrive at your home in environmentally friendly shipping cartons without any outer packaging. 

All boxes are fully recyclable and can therefore be recycled when disposed of via waste paper.

We only use paper tape, which is fully recyclable and can be recycled together with the cardboard via the waste paper. 

4. electricity: green electricity via Greenpeace Energy

Last but not least, our office and warehouse are supplied with green electricity from Greenpeace Energy. We also work with sustainable companies for the necessary electricity supply.